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Spain, which shares the Iberian Peninsula with the smaller nation of Portugal, is divided into 17 autonomous communities, each of which has its own unique set of traditions, landscapes, festivals, historical events and - in some cases - even languages. In fact, visitors who spend time visiting each of the country's regions are simply amazed by the country's vast cultural and geographical diversity!


In fact, it's precisely this diversity that makes Spain the ideal destination for every type of traveler- culture vultures, sports enthusiasts, tree huggers, etc. While it's by no means a large country, its diversity is monumental: the sun-soaked beaches of the Mediterranean coast and the snowy peaks of the Pyrenees; tiny fishing villages and bustling cosmopolitan cities; the passionate flamenco music of the south and the soulful bagpipes of the north; internationally-renowned artwork and one-of-a-kind festivals; 12th-century Romanesque chapels and ultra-modern architecture; top-notch golf courses and world-class ski resorts. There's truly something for everyone!

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