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Why learn Spanish in Spain with us?

Spain is an alluring country that offers everything you could possibly look for in a place to live or visit: excellent cuisine, friendly people, a rich culture, incredible architecture, age-old traditions, a lively social life, a diverse landscape and much, much more.

From the beaches of Valencia to the hustle and bustle of Madrid, we have hand-picked several of Spain's most interesting destinations as settings for our Spanish schools:

  • Spanish School in Barcelona
  • Spanish School in Granada
  • Spanish School in Madrid
  • Spanish School in Marbella
  • Spanish School in Salamanca
  • Spanish School in Valencia

Spanish Schools in Spain

Schools, each of which boasts its own special characteristics, range in size from small and intimate to large, multi-story learning centers. No matter what, though, you are guaranteed a modern Spanish school in the heart of the city. Along with top-notch school facilities, our schools boast enthusiastic teachers who have been specially trained in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. Our innovative, communication-based teaching method has been recognized as successful, and our students readily agree! Each year, thousands of satisfied students pass through our doors and spend time - a week, a month or even a year - improving their Spanish skills and experiencing all that Spain has to offer.

With all of this - and much more! - our Spanish schools are without a doubt the best option to learn Spanish in Spain. Learn more about what you will enjoy as a student in our schools below:

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